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Why Shvasa?

Why Shvasa?

`Namaste! We are Shvasa, a bunch of passionate yogis from the birthplace of Yoga, INDIA. We endeavour to live yoga in every breath and are excited to share this beautiful practice with you and the world.

A seed-funded Yoga & Wellness startup based in Delaware, PA and Bangalore, India, who recently launched in the US. It is a platform that provides authentic live yoga classes as well as workshops from the birthplace of yoga, India.

Get to know more about Shvasa

Shvasa is the Sanskrit word for breath, and no yoga session is complete without an intimate rendezvous with breath. Often under-utilised and even ignored in many of our present-day yoga sessions, breath, is the one dependable friend we all have that can transform how we live our lives. At Shvasa, this very breath is at the core of our unique approach to practice methodology and a strong connecting thread across practices like Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.

Breath is that ever accessible, stable bridge that connects our yoga practice to our real-world lives.  

All yoga teachers at Shvasa have been trained under and constantly guided by Yoga acharyas whose practice is a balanced blend of traditional knowledge and modern scientific research. Each one of these highly disciplined teachers, with their earnest efforts, will share only the authentic and relevant practice with you, our genius tech and product team is equally determined to bring this practice straight into your living room.

Shvasa’s intervention is designed to help you with two very important aspects of achieving and maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being.

  1. Teaching and training you in authentic, relevant, and safe practice techniques.
  2. Helping you create & sustain the good habit of practicing yoga and other health routines for years to come.

Shvasa’s time tested teaching principles and methods will ensure that all your efforts are aligned to meeting goals and maximising practice outcomes. We understand that safety in practice is an important factor in sustaining a long time practice and make sure that all our sessions are as safe as it can get in an online environment.

A great practice is of little practical use if you aren’t able to make it a “Habit”. Hence our platform is designed to create a regular habit of practicing yoga and to effortlessly continue this journey of personal transformation.

Our offering

At Shvasa, we have shortlisted over 500 asana, breath exercises and meditational techniques across classes to ensure every need and every temperament is accommodated. Our Yoga acharyas along with the yoga teachers  will customize your own personalised journey  that will best suit your needs, body, and individual goals — novice or advanced learners and everyone in between.

How do we do it?

Answer our unique 4 onboarding questions. Our sophisticated personality and fitness questions drawn from the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga helps identify your temperament and disposition and in recommending the right type of sessions for you.

Individual and Group Classes

Shvasa offers individual and live group classes. If you choose group workouts, we match you with practitioners (maximum15) that share your goals and are at the same stage of their fitness journey. From beginner to advanced practitioners, we have courses designed just for your body type and personality traits. You will train in with a group of maximum of 15 students live with a teacher, who will give you feedback, tell you when you should push yourself and when to stop. You can also chat with the teacher. This is the way yoga as taught always. Individual attention to every student.

We further recognise that every one has different preferences, We recommend you a relaxing Hatha class or a fast Vinyasa class based on your tendencies, likes and needs.

Workshops along with live classes

We do not overwhelm you with yoga philosophy, but we have on demand workshops on breathing techniques, meditation, beginners yoga classes, advance yoga workshops and will keep adding to this. We recommend a 10 minute daily meditation as well as a pranayama session which you can access from your dashboard. We will keep adding workshops on-demand and live.

Arunima, the CEO & Founder along with the co-founders Sumukh Shetty & Vikalp Jain , aims to smoothen your journey of life by providing the right teacher/guru for you who will be teaching and training you in authentic, relevant, and safe practice techniques and will ensure that all your efforts are aligned to meeting goals and maximizing practice outcomes.

Why Shvasa?
Shvasa Editorial Team

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