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5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training Certification

5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training Certification

5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training Certification
Shvasa Editorial Team

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Yoga Blog
5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training Certification
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5 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Why Should you take up Online Yoga Teachers Training Certification?


What is a Yoga Teachers Training course (YTT)?

A yoga teachers training course is a program designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence for your self-practice and teach others.

In the last 5000 years of history, learning yoga has evolved multiple times. It began with living in the guru or teacher's place of residence or what we call ashram. Here you learned yoga with a small group of students and got personal attention from the teacher or guru and his or her fellow teachers.  This was largely an inward journey that the seeker took with guidance from the Guru. It was an inward journey to gather skills and training to live to your highest potential and discover your purpose with the guidance of a Guru.

In the last century, this learning was more through structured short courses in large groups in Indian ashrams. In the last century, as yoga gained popularity, people from across the world came and stayed in Indian ashrams or yoga schools to hone their own practice and understand the art of teaching yoga. They spent a month or more in the school and kept revisiting to deepen their understanding. The courses were much more structured.

This generated many great yoga teachers who went on and started offering courses in their countries. The courses became more professional and accessible to people. However, at times especially in the west, the practice became largely physical and the holistic nature of yoga became secondary. Business models started driving the structure and content of the courses.

Also, modern-day yoga education has become more physical (mostly asana-based) driven by large and regular marketing campaigns, many times enticing students with exotic locations, delicious food, yoga accessories and great body and career. So, the yoga journey had been turned mostly outwardly and towards enjoyment and pleasure. So Yoga started becoming more outward focussed where the physical body and enjoyment and pleasure became the focus.

But now, the Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses are slowly changing that and making it possible again to return back to an inwardly focused yoga practice.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking up the Online Yoga Teachers Training Certification (YTT)


A health routine practiced by over 300 million worldwide is an understatement of yoga's popularity. While regular practice in group yoga class is a fantastic health routine many bitten by the yoga bug take to deeper study and teaching yoga as a full-time career.


Hello my name is Pradeep Sattwamaya and I head the yoga department at We have the most loved online live classes and certification courses at Shvasa, now in this video I will be talking from my 20 years of experience about the five most popular reasons why people sign up for a yoga teacher training or a YTT course.


Reason number one: Personal health benefits- A yoga is a proven complete personalized and preventive health practice, many lifestyle diseases that plague our modern world can be effectively prevented by regular yoga practice. A vast majority take up YTT for self healing and as a lifelong preventive health practice and in many cases also to take care of the physical health and mental well-being of close family and friends. 


Reason number two: Proper understanding of yoga- Now the popularity of yoga also means that the knowledge has been simplified and in most cases appropriated to meet cultural and commercial objectives. Yoga TTC is an excellent way of looking past all the layers of generalization and getting deeper into the fascinating practice and core philosophy of yoga. Most YTT students are shocked to know that the popular yoga understanding floating around today is a far cry from the authentic wisdom of the classical yoga text and the long traditions, doing a YTT should align you in the right direction. 


Reason number three: to deepen the knowledge of yoga- Now after practicing yoga asanas for a while, many naturally feel the need to delve deeper into the little known advanced practices of yoga, one also gets to a point where the practice without the right philosophy isn't making sense. A good YTT course will help a dedicated seeker with authentic source of yoga knowledge the right text the correct context and interpretation of the text, more importantly YTT will uncover the relevance of yoga to modern day needs and also in tailor making yoga practices to match one's personal strengths and weaknesses. Many do YTT to build this foundation essential for swadhyaya, what is called the lifelong independent study and practice of yoga.


Reason number four: this one is obvious teaching yoga and helping people with health needs. I'm sure you'll all agree that teaching is an excellent way of learning, it helps bring clarity of the fundamental concepts, practical application and build self-confidence in an individual. It is also a great way of helping community around us with health benefits of yoga, this motivates many to take up YTT and start teaching yoga professionally. 


Reason number five: Entrepreneurship, travel opportunities, freedom of time to pursue other interests in life- Now teaching yoga is a great way to be an entrepreneur with a credible certification you will have the confidence to start on your own and make a difference in the community around you and this is another popular reason why many quit their regular jobs and take to YTT. Another reason related to this is that a yoga teaching job opens opportunities to travel and teach across the globe at least once the pandemic settles you will be able to, thus paving the way for a rich experience of different geographies cultures and an opportunity to learn from the indigenous wisdom of other communities. If you are convinced and have made up your mind to take up a yoga TTC, the next obvious question should be how to evaluate yoga schools to have the best start to your yoga journey. Now let me tell you this, many unqualified schools claim to impart the best yoga courses but unfortunately falling to these intelligent advertising campaigns many true seekers end up doing a substandard course wasting time effort and money. To help you make the right choice, check out this video titled questions to ask a yoga school before you sign up for a yoga ttc program it's in the description box below, I'll see you soon in another video, Namaste.

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