Gift your loved ones health and happiness

We have the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays for friends, spouses or your family. LIVE Yoga classes with a teacher

Starts at $69

LIVE yoga with experts

Expert-led Live yoga classes in small groups via 2 way video communication from the comfort of their home.

best online yoga classes

“Kudos to the highly motivated team to deliver yoga to the living room, round the clock. It is as personalized as could be!”

Arvind Murthy
Plano, Tx

"I used to practice yoga on my own before joining Shvasa but after taking few classes I realized the mistakes I was doing before :)"

Sandy T
Chesterfield, MO

"They really make me feel like I’m at a local gym - help, if ever needed, is so seamless."

Germantown, MD

"These are the people you can trust and grow with."

Montreal, QC
"Yoga was always meant to be learnt from a teacher in small groups. The teacher knows you, motivates you, tells you what to do next and where to stop"

Gift premium LIVE Yoga Classes

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Purchase a gift card for 3, 6 or 12 months. No recurring plan, only one time payment.
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Email the gift card or download the gift card as a PDF to personaly deliver to loved one.
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Your loved ones can claim the gift card on our site and practicing yoga.

Gift Yoga. Gift True Happiness

Unlimited live yoga classes via 2 way video with a teacher
Access from anywhere in the world
Personalised counselling sessions
Making yoga & meditation a habit for life

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3 months


6 months

*Offer is valid for the holiday season only.


What are Duo and Family & Friends subscriptions?

With our new Duo and Family & Friends plans, you can now share or gift unlimited Shvasa yoga class subscriptions to your parents, siblings, partner, neighbors and friends. You can share the family & friends pack with 5 people from across the world. The duo pack allows 2 people to access classes for a year. This is valid only for the festive season and till we have enough spots.

Can we all use the same account or need separate accounts?

Your family and friends will have their own access and login. Once you share the subscription with them, they will receive an email to activate their account. They will be entirely different accounts with you as the primary account only for payment purposes. You will be able to view if they have joined your account. 

Is a membership transferable?

No, a membership is not transferable. Only those who receive an invite from you can avail the Shvasa yoga subscription. That said you can change revoke access and invite anyone with a different email id during the subscription period

Can I gift people a subscription?

Yes, you can definitely gift a subscription!

Is this a one-time payment?

This is a subscription and not a one time payment. Yoga works only when you make it a lifelong habit. You learn it in 21hrs, however to become an expert you should aim at doing it for 1,000 - 10,000 hrs which is a lifetime. It's like breathing or eating - a way to live a happy and content life with less ailments and a peaceful mind.

Can I split the payment with other members?

Only one person can make the payment. While sharing with friends you can ask them to transfer the money to you directly. Shvasa is not involved in this.

Can more than one of us attend the same class?

Yes of course, in fact we recommend it. Having buddies helps you stay accountable and it's also fun. You would each need to book the class with your own individual accounts.

What if fewer people join my subscription?

We recommend Duo for 2 accounts and family and friends for more than 2. The cost remains the same as here -

If a friend wants to pause a subscription? Will she/ he get an extension after the primary account's subscription period is over?

The pause feature is for only the primary account. The subscription date is based only on the primary users pause period. If the primary user pauses, all subscriptions will pause. We allow 45days pause for an annual subscription and 21 days for 6 months and 10 days for 3 months. We suggest do not pause for family & friends and duo, it's a small amount of money, do not complicate it. Even on vacation you can try 1-2 classes, will make you more energetic.

What is the refund policy for the family and friends plans?

We do not offer refunds at shvasa as we offer free trials, you can downgrade or upgrade your subscription to an individual account.

What is the cancellation policy for the family and friends plans?

You can cancel anytime after the subscription period is over.

Can I convert a Duo to a Family & Friends plan after a month or so if I am on a 6 months plan?

You can upgrade anytime after your subscription period is over. Please do think carefully before choosing a subscription.

What classes can my family and friends attend?

Your family and friends can attend any and all classes on Shvasa! Anyone part of your subscription can access Unlimited LIVE Classes

Can my friends and family get access to individual counseling?

Yes, the plans include individual counseling for each member. Infact we recommend it.

Can I share the subscription only with people in the USA?

You can share the subscription with family and friends anywhere in the world! However the timings need to be conducive to that timezone. 

What happens if I invite a friend now but they activate their account only after a few months?

Your family and friends can activate their account any time. However, your billing will start as per the payment plan you choose on the day you subscribe.