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We are Shvasa, meaning breath in English. We are passionate about bringing authentic yoga to your doorstep from India.

Shvasa yoga is a great workout and a very potent transformational tool.

Our disciplined yoga masters teach the art and science of yoga that’s firmly established in the original principles of eight-limbed yoga tracing back to ancient India.

Now we are ready to help you feel the magic of yoga — with every class, every pranayama, every meditation experience the power of conscious breathing. With every conscious breath you activate the higher centres of your brain and experience life at a higher level.

Why us ?

Because we are the real deal. We experienced the benefits before bringing it to you. Our courses are founded on the principles of  eight-limbed yoga approach laid down by Patanjali in Yoga-Sutras, the most definitive work on yoga dating back to the 5th century. It is a path to holistic well-being through eight stages that work from outer to inner, bringing you closer to your higher self.

Our teachers break down the tenets of ancient science in an approachable way, gradually taking you through a life-altering journey. Our yoga programs are designed to work on every muscle of the body, as well as to bring inner peace, hormonal balance and mindfulness.

Ashtanga Yoga - the eight stages to well being

Founded on the principles of Ashtanga Yoga dating back to 5th century, this is a path to holistic well-being. At Shvasa, we handhold you through this, every step of the way!

We handhold you every step of the way. There are 840,000,000 asanas or postures, the hatha yoga alone has 84 main asanas which work on your energy points or chakras. At Shvasa, we have shortlisted 500 dynamic asanas across classes to ensure every muscle of your body gets the essential workout, every energy channel is opened. Our experts customise your course to suit your need, body and individual goals — novice or advanced learners and everyone in between. Besides, we offer complimentary meditation and breathing classes to all our members. Breathe out the stress, breathe in the spark!

How do we do it?

Help us help you. Answer our unique 4 onboarding questions. Our personality and fitness questions draw from the principles of Ayurveda and yogic knowledge to identify your gunas or personality traits and disposition. Based on your answers, we analyse your physiology and nature. Our team then recommends a class which is a customized yoga journey to help achieve your goals — weight loss, flexibility, toned body, rigorous practice, contemplative approach, etc.

Our masters who conduct live classes help perfect the asanas to tone your body, make it flexible, strengthen internal organs, and heighten your awareness. Gradually, you’re able to balance your energy centres or chakras. Your outlook towards life changes. The body learns to expel toxins. Hormone balance leads to a happier mental and emotional state. Yoga has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Give a few hours every week, redesign your life and being!

Individual and Group Classes

We offer individual and live group classes. If you choose group workouts, we match you with practitioners (15 people at max per group class) that share your goals and are at the same stage of their fitness journey. From beginner to advanced yogis, we have classes designed just for your body type and personality traits! You never have to attend a 7am class that is too slow or fast for you ever!

Our Mission

To make authentic yoga practical and approachable to city-folks and wannabe yogis alike. Our mission is to teach eight-limbed yoga that draws from the ancient Indian science and art of yoga to the world. Shvasa yoga is fun and effective.

Become a modern yogi without going to India, for we bring the Indian masters to you.
Shape your body and mind, now!

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