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Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
Shvasa Editorial Team

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Yoga Blog
Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
16 mins

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss


Yoga is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. It is a sustained way to burn those extra calories, build muscle tone and strength, and improve metabolism. What we often don’t realize is building a practice of mindful eating is a very large part of controlling or losing weight.

Here are a few yoga poses demonstrated by our yoga teacher that you can practice everyday to lose weight the right way!


Weight management is an important aspect of overall health. With proper food, lifestyle and physical activities, like exercise and yoga asanas, are proven methods for managing the weight. No matter whether you have put on weight due to this holiday season or you have been tackling your weight issues for many years, this 20 minutes Vinyasa video is going to help you manage your weight. 


In this video, I am going to show you warm-up and three Vinyasa sequences that will work on your lower, upper, and abdomen sections. 

This entire sequence is very effective to reduce the excess weight in the body. Three important factors to know before we begin, number one, follow this video only if your knee, low back, neck are in a healthy condition, if you have any injuries take care of that first before you begin this video. Number two, make sure you do it in a continuous flow without any break, but if you are tired take a break and restart the practice. 

The last one, you can start like this with a 20-minute practice, but eventually, you can progress to 40 minutes by doing the same sequences what we are showing you in this video, twice you can do or thrice to have a better effect. 


Let's get started, let's start with the first of the three Vinyasas. Get to the front of the mat, feet slightly apart, inhale;roll shoulders back, exhale; Samastithi, Inhale; bending knees, arms to the ceiling, Utkatasana. Look at your toes, toes should be visible. Look Up,exhale;bend forward, Uttanasana.Inhale;Head up chest up, ardha Utthana, step or jump back, exhale to chaturanga. Knees down, Ashtanga. Inhale;scoop up, Urdhwa mukha,

Exhale; tuck your toes, lift your hips up,Adhomukha, feet apart; hip width. Here, inhale; raise your right leg up to the ceiling, exhale; step it close to the right palm, back foot down totally, back foot form inhale; come up to Veerabhadrasana one, now exhale; take your hands behind, interlock fingers, inhale; open up the chest, look up, as you exhale, bend forward close to the right foot, arms raised high, inhale; come up again, exhale; release your hands. 

Inhale; arms up, exhale; palms to the chest, inhale there, lengthen, as you exhale; get your left elbow outside the right thigh, if you need more twist; open the chest by lifting your back heel, look to the side and, then inhale there, as you exhale; release your palms down, inhale; right leg up to the ceiling, exhale; drop the foot down, go down for Chaturanga. Inhale:scoop up,Urdhva Mukha, Exhale; hip up, Adho mukha, 


The same sequence on the left side, inhale; left leg up, exhale; get it close to the left palm, back foot down. inhale; come up for Veerabhadra one, exhale; take your hands behind by the side, interlock fingers, inhale; expand the chest, look up, exhale; go down towards the left foot. Now, inhale; come up, exhale; release your hands, inhale; arms up Verrabhadra 1 again to give you that length. Exhale; palms to the chest lengthen, inhale; if you need that little extra support to twist, lift your back heel. 

Exhale; get your right elbow outside the thigh press your palms, look up if you're stable or else look forward or down, hands down, inhale; left leg up, again exhale; back on the floor for Chaturanga, inhale; scoop up Urdhvamukha, exhale; hip up, Adhomukha. From here, jump or walk to the front, inhale; look forward Ardha, exhale; bend forward Utthana, inhale; Uthkata, chair pose, exhale;Samastithi, release your hands by the side. That was end of first sequence. 


The second vinyasa, get to the front of the mat, feet slightly apart, inhale; roll shoulders back, exhale; down, inhale; bend knees, arms up to the ceiling, Uthkatasana. Exhale; bend forward,Uttanasana. Inhale; head up, chest up,Ardha, Exhale; jump or walk back, Chaturanga, Inhale; scoop up, Urdhwamukha. Exhale; Hip up, Adhomukha, inhale; raise your right leg up to the ceiling, exhale; step close to the right palm, back foot down completely, inhale; come up Virabhadrasana one, exhale; bring your hands down, you can walk your hands a little forward, lift your back leg up in the air, if you're comfortable holding on to the ankle, you can do that or else both hands down, inhale, exhale; bend forward, left leg higher and straight, now release your hands again, step your left foot to the front, join with the right, squat down completely lower Uthkatasana, interlock fingers.


Inhale; extend arms, lengthen look up if you're comfortable, as you exhale; release your hands by the side of your feet jump or walk back, Chaturanga, inhale; scoop up, Urdhva, exhale; hip up, Adhomuka. Now same practice on the left side, inhale; left leg up, exhale; close to the left palm, back foot down, inhale; come up Veerabhadra one, exhale; hands down, walk your hands a little ahead, lift your back leg up, bend forward. If you're able to hold on to the ankle or grip the floor completely, inhale; lengthen up look up, exhale; go down, lifting your right leg higher, straighten and then release the hand, step your right foot next to the left, bend knee squat completely, inhale; arms up lengthen with the hands interlocked turning your palms up, exhale; hands by the side jump or walk chaturanga, Inhale; scoop up as you exhale; hip up, you can pause here for few breaths and continue to breathe through the nose. Observe the breath, now jump or walk to the front, inhale; Ardha, exhale; Utthanasan inhale; Uthkata and Exhale; come up to Samastithi, that was end of second sequence. 


The third sequence, get to the front of the mat, feet slightly apart, inhale; roll shoulders back, exhale; Samastithi., inhale; bend knees with Uthkatasana, exhale; Uttanasana, bend forward, inhale;Ardha, exhale; jump or walk back to Chaturanga or knees down to Ashtanga,inhale; scoop up,Urdhwa mukha, exhale; hip up, Adhomukha, from here we are going to sit in the middle of the mat, for that you can lift your heels up, bend your knees, do a small jump here and sitting down on the mat and lying down on your back completely with the knee slightly bent, first Navasana a variation with the knees bend to get a more crunch in your abdomen, to prepare your core and the back for next practice, Chakrasana, from here inhale, exhale; lift your knees up, feet up, crunch in the abdomen and feet off the ground, so if you're comfortable you can straighten legs or bend it. 


Now feet down again, hands by the side of your face for Chakrasana, inhale; lift up, exhale; come down again, crunch in the abdomen, feet off the ground, head up chest up, extend arms, create more crunch here, we do that two more rounds, feet down, palms next to the face ,inhale hip up and down,Exhale, 

Inhale; stay there as you exhale; lift your head up, chest up, feet off the ground, knees bent and feet down the last Chakrasana in this set. Inhale up, exhale, inhale, adjust and exhale to Navasana, now here this is the last one right, hug your knees to the chest, you can cross your ankles if you need to rock yourself, sit upright and jump to Chaturanga, inhale; scoop up, exhale; hip up, stay there for few breaths, inhale-exhale, we are going to repeat the same one more set, that means three times Navasana modified, three times Chakrasana, now bending knees jump or walk sit down in the middle of the mat.


Lying down on your back, bending knees and inhale there, as you exhale; lift your head up, chest up,feet off the ground crunch in the abdomen, feet down, arms next to the face, inhale; up to Chakrasana (wheel pose). Coming down with control, inhale there, exhale; head up just stop, feet off, two more sets, feet down, palms next to the face, inhale; up Chakrasana, coming down, the last set, head up, chest up, now feet down, palms next to the face. Inhale; up, exhale, now coming up, inhale-exhale, now this is just to hug your knees to the chest, forehead to the knees and slowly release your hands feet, let go completely. 


Rest in Shavasana, feet apart, hands slightly away from the body, palms facing up, feet relaxed, shoulders away from ears, chin slightly tucked to the chest, eyes closed, breathe through the nose, inhale, as you exhale; relax the entire body, especially forehead and eyebrows. Observe your breath and observe the abdomen moving up and down as you breathe, you can stay here for 15 breaths, you can count your breaths for 15 times. Inhalation, exhalation counted as one breath.

Begin the counting, once you finish you can turn to any side and sit upright.

Weight management programs can be very challenging but with little patience, discipline and supporting hand you can effectively manage the weight. All the best, keep practicing, see you around. Thank You.

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