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The Power of Sankalpa

The Power of Sankalpa

What is The Power of Resolve (Sankalpa)?

Yoga philosophy throws immense light on something called ‘Sankalpa’. This translates to Resolve in English. Sounds simple enough? It actually is. Simple, but one of the most powerful secret weapons we humans have! It’s our hidden ability, when tapped into, can drive us to achieve anything we want. It’s power is so strong that if you act on it, you will see your dreams manifest in front of your eyes. 

When you take a sankalpa, you are sending a message to the universe. You’re already setting things in motion to make the sankalpa happen. But you’re probably wondering how to actually stick to it? Or how to keep yourself motivated to see this through? That’s where yoga comes in. It’s also all about the mind. When your mind is strong, the power of your sankalpa is stronger. Our monkey minds love to wander, so we need to train our minds to stay strong and stable. That’s where yoga comes in -  to strengthen and balance the mind. Once you have control over your mind, you will be able to show up and win. Yogis across the world practice this and have experienced the beauty of it. 

How does Sankalpa work?

  1. Think about what you truly desire or wish to achieve this year. 
  2. Set the intention and think like you already have it - ‘I have already achieved this.’ Thinking that you already have it is like sowing the seed for what you wish to grow. 
  3. Act on it. Think about the steps you need to take to work towards achieving your sankalpa. 
  4. Watch it unfold in front of you! 

Immense Power of Sankalpa

The best thing to do is start with something small. Think about a positive habit you have been hoping to include in your daily life. For example, you wish to wake up one hour earlier than your current time. Start with taking a sankalpa to wake up early. It will take you 21 days or even 40 days to form this new habit. Schedule a yoga class at that time. Before you sleep every night tell yourself you will wake up and make it to class.

On Day 1 say it out loud - I, Maria, take a Sankalpa or resolve to do yoga every day for 40 days at 7-8am. Do it at the same time and if possible at the same place for 40 days. It helps if you wear the same color clothing as well. It’s all just energy that you are attracting. The first few days will be a struggle. But towards the 21st or 40th day you’ll notice it has become easier. Your mind has become stronger. You’ll begin to feel happier and that itself will encourage you to wake up earlier. 

Global Head of Yoga at Shvasa, Pradeep Sattwamaya says, “Even with a great yoga program, the key to transformation is regularity, that is, creating a habit out of it. Most health programs fail not because of the program itself but because of inability to make a habit of it. With a regular habit, you will be able to watch your body and mind respond and change in ways that you never thought were possible.” 

The best way to make a habit out of anything is to take the sankalpa to achieve it, no matter what. Many yogic practices like meditation, mantra chanting and yoga nidra also have a profound impact on strengthening the willpower and the power of your thoughts. 

This new year, start your journey to a New You. Take the first step, and our team will guide you through the rest. We promise you - it will change your life.

The Power of Sankalpa
Shvasa Editorial Team

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