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7 tips for the perfect yoga space at home

7 tips for the perfect yoga space at home

Practicing yoga online comes with many benefits. The best of this is being able to practice in your own space. When you’re not dealing with traffic woes, having your own little space carved out for your yoga asana, breathwork and meditation practice improves your experience and the benefits you will reap. Even if you’re snowed in in the winters, a warm and welcoming space at home will help you keep your practice going.

7 tips to bring a yoga studio to your home

Find the space

This could be a corner or small part of your living room, or a spare (guest bedroom) if you have one. Pick a space that is well-lit, doesn’t have furniture or any distracting objects around and maybe has a window. This will be the place you practice regularly so make sure it’s a convenient spot. Ensure you use this space only for yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. There should be enough room to move if you are practicing sun salutations, headstand, split or backbends. 

Design your space

Now that your space is decided, it’s time to design with intention. Creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere that inspires you to practice everyday is key. You want the space to have peaceful vibes. Take some time to think of what inspires and motivates you. Now make a list of what all you would need to achieve that look and feel. 

Choose calming colors

It could help to choose colors that go with the calm and peaceful vibe. Relaxing colors like blues and greens can help. Energizing colors would mean brighter shades like yellow. You can also go for warm or cooling hues, and minimalist shades like white. 

Set the mood with candles

Candles are a great way to set a relaxing, therapeutic and tranquilizing mood. You can also go for scented candles and choose a scent that suits you. To adjust the mood and lighting, you can also shut off the lights while meditating and light some candles. (night lamps or bed side lamps with shade rather than a bright light in the room )

Set up your sound and internet

The biggest buzz-kill with online yoga classes is a weak internet and bad sound. You don’t want to keep lifting your head in the middle of an asana to see if you lost connection because your sound is low or crackling. You also don’t want to open your eyes halfway through meditation to reconnect your wifi. Invest in a small speaker you can connect to your laptop or ensure your volume is at maximum. Upgrade your internet connection if you have to as well. 

Keep your essentials handy

While all you need is your yoga mat, you can also keep a towel, blanket and cushion handy in case you want to use it midway through your practice. If you use yoga props like blocks, strap, wheel or a roller, keep those handy as well. Some types of yoga, like restorative, require bolsters for more comfort. Keep all of this handy in a small cabinet or by the side of the wall so you don’t have to interrupt your practice to get them. 

Add a touch of aesthetic

Bring in a few plants, statues, and lamps to add an extra touch of aesthetic to your space. Plants will cultivate mindfulness and peace of mind, while also purifying the air in your home and improving brightness. You can also set the mood with lighting and lamps that will help you go deeper into your practice. If you are comfortable, you can add a full-size mirror too which will help you check your alignment and posture. This will improve your confidence as well. 

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. You can start with just one or two elements and slowly improve your space as and when you wish to. However, ensure you clean your space regularly to ensure it remains fresh and tidy.

7 tips for the perfect yoga space at home

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