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4 Reasons why Shvasa Yoga is the Best in Class

4 Reasons why Shvasa Yoga is the Best in Class

How is Shvasa yoga different?

With YouTube videos and Zoom classes, you might be wondering what makes Shvasa so different, unique or better? The covid pandemic has driven most of our activities that involve physical touch to an online platform. Yoga was not left behind. In a way this has opened a plethora of options to practice yoga. Would you agree that in spite of these many options it doesn’t quite match the in-person sessions that we were hooked onto in the first place? 

Well, this is because most yoga sessions went online without considering and adapting all aspects of an in-person practice to online practice. Many have tried these online sessions and found it ineffective and have even given up on their yoga practice. Shvasa addressed these challenges and found solutions to make sure your yoga session is as good as an in-person practice. 

Take a look at four reasons why Shvasa yoga is the best in class - we assure you that this will end your search for quality and effective yoga class.

1. Unlike most popular online yoga, which are pre-recorded and on-demand, all Shvasa classes are live - what does that mean? The teachers are teaching you in real time. You will have the company of an experienced teacher instructing and watching over your practice throughout the session. They help correct your practice every step of the way and also help prevent any potential injuries that are so common in any un-monitored online class or in a pre-recorded yoga session.

2. Shvasa Yoga teachers are all trained in India in Authentic Yoga and traditional methods of practice. They are well equipped in accessing the varying needs of each practitioner and tailor making the practices to suit each individual’s abilities and objectives. Following our unique Shvasa method, each session is taught with complete dedication and authority. All our teachers reside in India and have painstakingly adjusted to the American time zones to bring to you the very best India has to offer.

3. Apart from authentic practice and experienced teachers you will also need support in creating a habit out of practicing yoga if this is going to work for you. It’s this part where most of us fail and drop out of such healthy habits even though we are very convinced of their need in our lives. Our teaching methods, class planning, class types, and the user journey & timely notifications are all designed to ensure you are creating a life changing habit.

4. Shvasa’s smart, young engineers have built a video conferencing interface to suit the specific needs of an online yoga class. While most popular apps like zoom and G-meet are best for office meeting purposes and may not have all features that a yoga class might require. You can also schedule, attend and review all your sessions through our web interface that is getting better by the day.

So what are you waiting for? Login to Get ready and get started with an effective yoga practice to gain control over yourself and experience optimal health to thrive in all the various roles you have taken-on in your life.

Shvasa welcomes you to this accessible, affordable, and meaningful engagement.A worthy gift to yourself, this holiday season.
Happy holidays!

4 Reasons why Shvasa Yoga is the Best in Class
Shvasa Editorial Team

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