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What is the Third Eye Chakra in Yoga?

What is the Third Eye Chakra in Yoga?

The Chakras, spinning wheels of energy located at different points of the body are integral to allowing Prana or life force to pass through. The Kundalini energy, a dormant powerful force that lies at the base of the spine, passes through these Chakras when ignited and active, leading to spiritual awakening. The Ajna Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra is the sixth Chakra and is located behind the eyebrow center, where the pineal gland (considered as the organ of supreme universal connection) lies. 

In Sanskrit, the term Ajna means to command or perceive. The third eye is believed to reveal insights and inner realms which provides realizations beyond the ordinary sight. The Ajna Chakra, when activated and balanced, makes us more aware and alert. It provides wisdom and deepens spiritual awakening. It is the seat of anger, knowledge, spiritual awareness and awakened wisdom. The Beej mantra for the Ajna Chakra is AUM or OM. 

What is the Ajna Chakra associated with? 

Often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’ in everyday life, the Ajna Chakra is associated with perception, awareness and spiritual communication. When consciousness and energy moves to the eyebrow center, it manifests as anger, awareness or alertness. Knowledge and awareness (upward flow of energy) are manifested by the sixth chakra, and at the same time, it is also the seat of anger (when the energy flows downwards). It provides clarity, concentration, imagination and intuition. When blocked or during the downward flow of energy, you will find yourself getting angry, irritable or being overly judgemental. Physically, you will experience headaches, eye or vision problems and heaviness. 

What are the characteristics of the Third Eye Chakra 

The Element Light

The Ajna chakra is associated with the natural element light. It develops with years of meditation practice and those with advanced practice will be able to see within to a place of consciousness that is often blurred or unreachable for many of us. One can see things from a bigger perspective, and are more self-reflective and in spiritual contemplation. 

The Color Indigo

The Ajna chakra is associated with the color indigo, which represents the freedom of thought and expression. It signifies wisdom and inner knowledge which is integral to the third eye chakra when it is balanced.  

Two petals

Represented by a deep indigo lotus, the Ajna Chakra symbol has only two petals. This supports the concept of supreme intelligence and spiritual enlightenment, and signifies the wisdom that comes with achieving an awakening in the Ajna chakra. 

How to balance the Ajna Chakra? 

A blocked or imbalanced Ajna chakra triggers anger, irritation and hostile feelings. This occurs when the energy is flowing downwards. Headaches, problems with vision, neurological problems and in more severe cases, brain disorders occur. Mentally, one may face self-limiting beliefs, lack of purpose, stress, anxiety, depression and mood disorders. 

When activated and balanced, when the energy is flowing upwards, the Ajna chakra makes us more mindful, aware and alert. Wisdom comes naturally, along with a larger view of everything around us. Self-reflection and spiritual contemplation is possible, providing clarity and purpose. Intuition becomes stronger and better. Ideas, answers and solutions come easily. 

Aligning, activating and balancing the Ajna chakra happens effectively when you join a regular yoga class. A good, experienced and certified yoga teacher will always include all types of practices that work on activating every chakra. Here are a few such practices that balance the Ajna chakra. 

Yoga postures to balance the Ajna Chakra

Yoga posture when practiced the right way can heal and connect to the third eye chakra, leading to a spiritual awakening. Yoga poses that induce the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain are helpful. They get the energy flowing upwards. Examples of such a poses is the Meditative asanas with eyebrow center gazing and internal awareness of eyebrow center. 

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Meditation for the Ajna Chakra 

Meditation to the mantra AUM or Om is one of the best ways to activate and balance the Ajna Chakra. Not only is AUM or Om extremely relaxing and calming, it also provides immense clarity and purpose. The vibrations of AUM are also so intense that you will immediately feel a difference in your mental and physical state. If you haven’t tried an AUM meditation class with a teacher, you must do so soon. It’s one experience you don’t want to miss out on. You can also try the Third Eye Chakra meditation, which is also very calming and relaxing. 

Breathing exercises for the Ajna Chakra 

Practice Alternate Nostril Breathing to quiet your mind, bring focus and clarity and a sense of calm to the mind and body. Known as Nadi Shodhana pranayama, this technique balances the left and right brain hemispheres.

Trataka or Eye Gazing

A cleansing technique, Eye Gazing is done by gazing at a candle, a symbol like AUM or a dot on the wall. You can try sun or moon gazing. Trataka is best practiced under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher to ensure you are doing it the right way. Trataka has many wonderful benefits such as release of strain from the eyes, stress relief, improved focus and clarity, among others. 

Other tips to activate the Ajna Chakra 

Apart from the above yoga practices to connect to the Ajna Chakra, you can also try calming essential oils (like jasmine), chanting, a mindful diet, and the use of crystals. Adding honey, lemon, watermelon, coconut oil and cilantro, among others are good ways to supplement your diet too. Crystals you can use include purple sapphire, amethyst and sodalite, among others. They will enhance your concentration during a yoga meditation practice too. 

Concluding Thoughts 

With mindfulness you will be able to identify whether your third eye chakras is blocked or active. Pay attention to feelings of pessimism, irritation and anger. And, simultaneously, observe when you have clarity of thought, a stronger intuition and improved decisiveness. Overtime, you will know when your mind and body needs more yoga practice for the Ajna Chakra. And, as we said earlier, the best way to keep the chakras balanced is by attending regular live online yoga classes

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What is the Third Eye Chakra in Yoga?
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