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What are the Significance of Crown Chakra in Yoga?

What are the Significance of Crown Chakra in Yoga?

Yoga is a vast ancient practice that originated in India providing tremendous knowledge and philosophy that aids us in living a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. Of these valuable subjects is the Chakras, known as wheels of energy. These energy centers are located throughout the body, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head. Through these powerful energy centers, runs the incredible Kundalini energy, a dormant energy that takes years to stimulate. The seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra, the Sahasrara. 

What is the Crown Chakra associated with? 

Located at the top of the head (hence the name Crown Chakra), this Chakra when balanced and activated establishes a strong connection with the supreme self. A universal flow of energy and spiritual enlightenment occurs along with dynamic thought processes. Physiologically, it is connected to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and influences functions such as memory, intelligence and focus. 

When initiated, the Crown Chakra ignites a more positive outlook towards life. Habits, attitude and overall routine changes for the better. Ego dissipates and positive emotions of gratitude, compassion and acceptance are more prominent. Negative thoughts and emotions that often bring unease and stress are replaced by spiritual understanding and peace of mind. When blocked, disillusionment, boredom, restlessness, stress and unease take over. 

What are the characteristics of the Crown Chakra? 

The Color Violet

The color of the Crown Chakra is violet or pure white, the color of spirituality. A unifying color, it contains all the qualities of other Chakras when balanced and activated. It enables the emotion and desire to let go and enjoy transformation. The true self comes to the forefront through a realization of change, allowing one to go beyond physical and material realms. 

Cosmic Energy

The element of the Crown Chakra is cosmic energy. When balanced, it allows you to experience spiritual growth that leads to higher consciousness and a connection to the true self. This energy strengthens one’s connection to the soul, allowing you to gain unity, power and deeper self-knowledge. 

A thousand petals

The seven Chakra are represented by the Lotus flower, with each Chakra having a different number of petals. When the petals, the storehouse of energy, are open, a complete balance of the body, mind and spirit occurs. Sahasrara means thousand or infinite, and thus the lotus here has a thousand petals. This is the point where energy pours in from the universe and enlightenment, wisdom and spiritual power come to light. 

How to balance the Crown Chakra

A blocked Crown Chakra leads to rigidity in thinking, an unwillingness to new ideas, thoughts or knowledge and being stuck in one’s own thinking. In extreme cases one may notice signs of psychosis, dissociation from the body and a disconnection from reality. Overactive Crown Chakra also leads to cynicism, apathy, spiritual addiction and being overwhelmed by knowledge, while an underactive state produces confusion, lack of inspiration, lethargy and a desire to sleep a lot. Physically, one finds poor coordination, chronic headaches and exhaustion. A balanced and activated Crown Chakra acts as a guide for our mental and spiritual self. 

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Yoga Postures for the Crown Chakra 

Practice yoga poses regularly with certified yoga teachers to keep the Crown Chakra balanced and active. Furthermore, when the other Chakras are open and active, energy flows freely into the Crown Chakra. In regular live yoga classes online or in-person, a teacher will include various types of postures which will effectively work on the body. A few such yoga poses for the Crown Chakra are Headstand, Corpse Pose and Rabbit Pose. 

Corpse Pose

Crown Chakra Meditation 

Practice meditation regularly to improve awareness, consciousness, emotional balance and peace of mind. For the Crown Chakra, practicing breath meditation, AUM meditation and visualizing a violet or white color lotus flower are helpful. If you have the time, join a live meditation class to practice with a teacher. The effects and experience will be more profound and transformative. 

Affirmations to Balance the Crown Chakra 

Practicing affirmations by speaking them out loud or writing them down are a helpful way to release blockages, improve mental strength and boost confidence and faith. A few affirmations for the Crown Chakra are ‘I am guided by a higher power’, ‘I am guided by inner wisdom’, ‘I am open to new ideas’, ‘I am pure love and light’ and ‘I connect easily with my spirit’. 

Other tips to balance the Crown Chakra 

Eating a balanced diet that consists of wholesome food is helpful. Consume foods that are fresh such as green leafy veggies and fruits. Brown rice and brown bread are more beneficial than refined white rice or bread. Spices such as ginger and herbal teas are good for the system and help in releasing blockages. 

Using essential oils such as white lotus flower, known as Nelumbo Nucifera, are good for promoting spiritual growth. Improve knowledge and awareness with books and podcasts, Yoga itself has no dearth of knowledge that promises to instill wisdom and value, while heightening your intelligence. 

Concluding thoughts 

The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra is influenced by the first six Chakras. So working on the entire body to keep these powerful wheels of energy balanced and activated is very helpful and important. Joining a live yoga class with experienced, certified yoga teachers will ensure you are not left worrying about whether your practice was effective and if it is helping. By working on the Crown Chakra, you can bring immense peace, balance and spiritual consciousness to the self and realize your complete self. 

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What are the Significance of Crown Chakra in Yoga?
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