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Simple Breathing Exercises for Kids

Simple Breathing Exercises for Kids

There is no right age or minimum age to start Yoga. In fact, the earlier one starts, the healthier and more balanced one’s life is. As parents, it’s common to send your kids to various coaching and creative classes - so why not sign your kids up for Yoga as well? 

In this blog we’re exploring the multitude of benefits and types of breathing exercises for kids. Our breath is the most essential asset to living a long, healthy life. Its impact is so strong that it can control and reduce stress and anxiety, help manage many health conditions like allergies and asthma, and improve immunity - all factors which are so prominent in children today. It can even help kids stay grounded and manage peer pressure more effectively. 

Benefits of Breathwork for Children 

Improves breathing patterns

Breathwork makes us more conscious and aware of how we are breathing. When this mindfulness is inculcated at a young age, it is easier to adapt and apply throughout life. So when your kids are dealing with college stress or the stresses in their professional lives, they are better equipped to manage. 

Improved oxygen and blood supply

Breathing exercises improves the supply and uptake of oxygen, which is very good for the lungs and heart. Similarly, toxins are released from the body and blood circulation is improved to different parts of the body, including the brain. 

Nourishment of organs

Better oxygen and blood supply provides immense nourishment to various organs and systems in the body. In children, many of these organs and systems are still developing and require this nourishment. This contributes towards improving a child’s performance, memory, and ability to focus. 

Better energy levels

Our breath has the power to energize the body within minutes. Regular breathwork contributes towards improving energy levels, which in turn also has an impact on performance and focus. 

Emotional balance

Mindful breathing can decrease anxiety, help manage emotional pain and discomfort, aid in balancing unpleasant thoughts and emotions. It helps children manage emotions, feelings and thoughts which are often easily influenced by their peers in schools and colleges. 

You might be wondering whether children will understand the various methods of breathing and practice in the right way. Don’t worry - this is why we have experienced Yoga teachers for kids. 

Types of Breathing exercises for Kids 

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana Pranayama)

Alternate nostril breathing is simple and effective for kids. It calms the mind, induces focus and balance, while also enhancing memory power and improving immunity. 

Bellows Breathing (Bhastrika)

This can be a fun practice for children. It involves kneeling and throwing the hands up towards the sky with every inhalation. It’s an energizing practice that also improves focus. 

Bumblebee Breath (Brahmari)

This is also a fun practice as it involves making a humming or buzzing sound (like a bumblebee) with every exhalation. This pranayama for children helps to immediately calm the mind and improves memory and concentration. It helps kids stay grounded and more aware. 

Cooling Breath (Seetkari pranayama)

A hissing sound is produced during this practice. It promotes balance, relaxation and tranquility. It also cools down the system so it’s good to practice after playing a sport or after the kids have come back from school or college. 

Full yogic breathing

For older children (teenagers) this practice can be taught. This three-part breathing brings a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This is done slowly and mindfully. It helps children better manage their emotions and pain by activating the body’s relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system). 

Tips for parents

  1. Lead by example. Practice yoga yourself first so kids are already learning by seeing you. Be involved with them. Encourage them to sit with you and practice at the same time if need be. 
  2. Children immediately feel their bodies relax when they breathe deeply and slowly. Even if they start with just a few minutes of practice, it is helpful. 
  3. Don’t worry if they are not completely getting it right initially. Once they get into the routine of practicing, you can correct them. 
  4. It’s always more fun for kids if they learn in a class with fellow students. There are many yoga teachers who are specifically trained in teaching pranayama to children. 

It is surprising to know kids actually love working with their breath. Many have found that a few minutes of Pranayama before an exam helps them think clearly and calms their nerves. It’s fun and fascinating for them. Many find it peaceful, calming and uplifting, and they have reportedly found their focus improves and stress, anxiety, etc reduces.

Simple Breathing Exercises for Kids
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Simple Breathing Exercises for Kids
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Simple Breathing Exercises for Kids

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