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Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Sequence for Winter

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Sequence for Winter

How does yoga help in the winter?

The cold has struck, forcing us to turn to our blankets and throws, instead of our mats. While that’s totally acceptable (hello sub-zero temperature!), pushing ourselves to spend a little time on the mat is extremely beneficial in this season. Not only does it increase body heat and keep us warm, but it improves mood, removes lethargy, dullness and is stimulating for our bodies. The lack of sun and movement due to staying indoors reduces the active stimulation and sympathetic activity in the body. With a little time on the mat, the body remains active and fit, providing us with nourishment, keeping us grounded and replenishing our energy. 

For some of us the winters are a difficult time. If you’re away from home, the isolation during this season disrupts mood, and tends to induce loneliness and even depression. Keeping our bodies active helps to release these bottled up emotions and blockages that surface during this time, taking away the winter blues. 

For others, this is a hectic time when lifestyle and routine goes out of the window with the stress of never-ending Holiday to-do lists. Taking a little for yourself on the mat helps you keep your fitness levels up and normal, despite the craze of the Holidays. What’s even better is you can eat and drink guilt-free. ;) 

What type of yoga is good for the winter?

This dynamic vinyasa yoga flow is especially designed for the winters. In this video, seasoned Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Indira, takes you through three of her favourite sequences for the Winter, that are aimed at instilling vitality and harmony. Coordinating with the breath, the dynamic sequence makes you move from one asanas to the next with ease and comfort, while pushing you to stretch yourself just the right amount. The invigorating sequence takes away the heaviness of the season, improves circulation and metabolism. 

Follow this quick sequence to stay warm, active and fit this season. 

This dynamic flow along with heating pranayama will leave you feeling refreshed, light and balanced. 

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Sequence for Winter
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