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5 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

5 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

Yoga is an impactful holistic practice that has a positive effect on diverse aspects of well-being, spanning fitness to holistic mental and physical health. While yoga is renowned for enhancing flexibility and fitness, have you ever wondered about its potential impact on skincare? Yoga is designed to promote overall health and strength, addressing various physical and mental conditions since time immemorial. Its holistic approach aims to improve well-being from the inside out, promising a luminous and radiant complexion.

One of yoga's perks includes achieving a vibrant and healthy skin tone. Many factors, such as an unhealthy gut and stress, can adversely affect the skin. Yoga, by addressing these internal health issues, has the potential to bestow a radiant and healthy glow upon your face.

Moreover, the onset of premature wrinkles is often triggered by stress and unhealthy lifestyle practices. Major culprits encompass smoking, alcohol consumption, poor dietary choices, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Acne, a prevalent skin issue, may arise from hormonal fluctuations and digestive irregularities. Regardless of the cause, incorporating these yoga asanas into your routine can contribute to achieving a supple and radiant complexion.

Engaging in these yoga poses enhances blood circulation to the head and face, promoting a naturally beautiful skin tone. Inverted postures play a role in stimulating the nervous system, increasing oxygen and blood flow to the brain, elevating metabolic rates, and boosting energy levels. Let’s explore a few yoga asanas for glowing skin. 

Five Yoga Poses for Healthy & Glowing Skin 

Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Enabling a complete relaxation of the body, Downward facing pose is designed to release tension. It not only fortifies the arms and shoulders but also elongates the spine, calves, and hamstrings. The pose channels energy throughout the entire body, and as an inversion it directs increased blood flow to the brain and face. This, in turn, enhances blood circulation in these regions, resulting in a rejuvenating flush on your cheeks, promoting a healthy and vibrant appearance.

Downward-facing dog pose

How to do Downward-facing dog pose

  • First come into the starting position of cat-cow pose (on your palms and knees). From here, push back through your hands and lift your hips. Straighten your legs. 
  • Keep the palms firmly on the mat with the fingers spread. The feet will be on the mat. If you find this difficult, you can also only place your toes on the mat. 
  • Keep the shoulders away from the ears. Look towards your abdomen. 
  • Engage your thighs and core to hold the posture. Keep taking slow deep breaths. 
  • To release the posture, exhale and bend your knees. Come down to the child's pose.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

A graceful yoga pose that effectively stretches the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings, this asana is a remedy for releasing lower back stress. Beyond its physical benefits, it contributes to enhanced digestion, addressing a potential trigger for skin issues like pimples and acne. This pose stands out not just for stress reduction but also for its holistic skin-care advantages—it purifies the blood, promotes a healthier skin complexion, and diminishes the visibility of dark spots and wrinkles. Thus, Paschimottanasana is an ideal yoga practice for skin care.

Seated forward bend pose

How to do Seated forward bend pose

  • Sit up with the legs stretched out straight in front of you (Dandasana). Keep the spine straight and toes pointing upwards. 
  • Inhale, raise both arms above your head and stretch up. As you exhale, bend forward from the hip, chin moving toward the toes. Keep the spine erect. Focus on moving forwards towards the toes, rather than down towards the knees.
  • Place your hands on your legs, wherever they reach. Do not try to force yourself closer to the thighs if it is difficult. If you can, grab hold of your toes and pull on them to help you inch forward a little. You can also grab your calves if that’s where you’re comfortable. 
  • Breathe in, keep your head straight and lengthen the spine. As you exhale, gently try to take your naval closer to the knees. Engage your core and try to use your breath to go deeper into the posture. 
  • To come out of the posture, release the grip; inhale, raise both the arms up and lift the chin and chest as well. Breathe out, lower your arms and come back to Dandasana.
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Cobra Pose

Alleviating stiffness in the back and shoulders, inducing relaxation, and uplifting your mood, this posture contributes to smoother skin. Known as Bhujangasana, the Cobra pose not only addresses physical tension but is also effective in stress relief, releasing accumulated stress from areas such as the face, neck, shoulders, and lower back.

How to do Cobra pose

  • Lie flat on the stomach with the legs straight, feet together and the soles of the feet facing upwards. 
  • Place the palms of the hands flat on the floor, below and slightly to the side of the shoulders, with the fingers together and pointing forward.
  • Position the arms so that the elbows point backward and are close to the sides of the body.
  • Rest the forehead on the floor and close the eyes.
  • Relax the whole body, especially the lower back. Now slowly raise the head.
  • Straighten the elbows, using the back muscles first, then the arm muscles to raise the trunk further and arch the back.
  • In the final position, the pubic bone remains in contact with the floor and the navel is raised a maximum of 3 mm. 
  • The arms may or may not be straight; this will depend on the flexibility of the back.

Shoulder Stand Pose

Enhancing the texture and quality of your skin, this inverted pose stimulates blood circulation to the face, rejuvenating blood cells and addressing issues like acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness. While it may be considered an intermediate-level pose, with proper practice and guidance, you can easily incorporate it into your routine. The benefits of mastering shoulder stand pose extend to promoting a radiant skin glow. Regular practice not only improves blood circulation to the facial region but also combats skin conditions like dullness, acne, and wrinkles. By supplying blood to the head, this asana effectively eliminates dullness and helps in the battle against acne and pimples.

Shoulder Stand Pose

How to do Shoulder stand pose

  • Lie down on your back with your arms by the side of the body. Now bend your knees and start raising your legs towards your chest. Take the support of your hands to raise the bent legs over your head. 
  • Now move the hands to the lower back where the rib cage ends. Using this as support, slowly move your hips towards your head and straighten your legs in a controlled manner. 
  • Keep your palms firmly on the back. The weight of the body should be on the shoulders and not the neck. 
  • Stay here for a few breaths. To come out of the asana, first bend the legs and lower them towards the head and then bring them back down. 

Headstand Pose

A revitalizing inversion, Sirsasana, or the headstand, proves highly advantageous in alleviating stress. It promotes increased blood circulation to the face and head, facilitating toxin removal and releasing blockages. This encourages the smooth flow of Prana and energy throughout the mind and body. The profound effects of this pose contribute significantly to enhancing skin glow and providing a rejuvenated appearance.

Headstand Pose

How to do Headstand pose

  • Come onto your hands and knees. Bring the forearms to the floor. Keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. 
  • Now clasp the hands together on the floor. Interlace the fingers. Your hands should form a V-shape. Place the crown of your head on the floor. The top of your head should be down on the mat. Rest the back of your head at the base of your thumbs. 
  • Lift the hips up and straighten your legs the way you would in Downward-facing Dog Pose. 
  • Now walk the feet forward, towards your head, until the hips are as close to over the shoulders as possible. 
  • Keeping both legs straight, lift the right leg straight up toward the ceiling. If you are practicing with the support of a chair or the wall, you can lightly touch the right leg to the chair/ wall. 
  • The right leg should be in line with the torso. Now, once you are steady, inhale, engage the core and lift the left leg up bringing it next to the right leg. 
  • Find your balance, keep the core engaged and tummy tucked in. Breath deeply and focus directly at a point in your line of sight. Once stable, you can slowly move the legs away from the chair/ wall. 
  • Hold the pose as long as comfortable or for up to a minute. 
  • To come down, in a slow and controlled way, first bring the right one leg down and then the next. Rest in Child’s Pose for a few deep breaths. 

In Conclusion 

Achieving a glowing face involves incorporating everyday must-follow tips into your lifestyle. Apart from the benefits of these asanas, basics such as staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, prioritizing regular exercise, such as brisk walks, to enhance the natural glow and color of your face. Opting for healthy eating choices, including Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables like papayas, while avoiding fried, junk, overly sweet, or spicy foods. Adequate rest and sufficient sleep is crucial, as a well-rested body reflects on your face. Maintaining skin hydration and indulging in weekly body massages to eliminate toxins too are beneficial. 

Practicing face yoga is also extremely helpful as it helps keep wrinkles at bay, encourages detoxification, lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation. Finally, taking the time to meditate daily will encourage wellness from within to illuminate your outer glow. Incorporate these tips consistently, and you'll be on your way to a naturally vibrant and healthy complexion.

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How does yoga help with glowing skin?
Practicing yoga asanas helps improve blood circulation to the face. It encourages detoxification and keeps wrinkles at bay, encouraging a glowing complexion.
Can I practice yoga to improve skin tone?
Yes, yoga is beneficial in improving skin tone and helps you achieve a naturally vibrant tone.
What are the best yoga poses for glowing skin?
The best yoga poses for glowing skin are the shoulder stand pose, headstand pose, seated forward bend pose, cobra pose and downward-facing dog pose.
How often can I practice yoga for glowing skin?
You can practice yoga asanas for glowing skin and face yoga everyday.
5 Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin
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